Anniversary Gift Guide - 30th Anniversary

Traditional 30th Anniversary Gift Ideas: Pearl

Modern 30th Anniversary Gift Ideas: Diamond

Cheers to 30 years! This pearly anniversary represents the idea that true beauty is found on the inside, and couples are reminded of this inner beauty and their shared experience together when they hit this beautiful milestone celebrating 30 years of love, friendship, and unity.

Giving a gift of pearls is representative of hidden beauty as pearls are one of the most beautiful and luxurious of gems. No doubt, then, that some lucky ladies will find themselves adorned in these pretty gifts from the sea.

Long ago, pearls were important financial assets, comparable in price to real estate, since thousands of oysters had to be searched for just one pearl. So, are diamonds really a girl’s best friend? Well, they are the modern 30th anniversary gift, but you really can’t go wrong with either—it’s safe to consider both diamonds and pearls to be among her (or his!) favorite treasures.


  • Pearl necklace, earrings, or ring
  • Mother of pearl bowl
  • Personalized champagne bottle with anniversary date


  • Choose your own oyster and open to see what kind of pearl you get (can order online!)
  • Knitted “purly” sweater
  • Visit an exotic location with pearling in its history, such as tropical Broome, Australia


Lily: devotion, pride, beauty

  • Incorporate edible lilies into a dish or use to decorate the cake
  • Use images of lilies and pearls on party invites
  • Burn fragrant, lily-scented candles to set the perfect mood

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